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Tucked into the northwest tip of Europe, the Republic of Ireland is a mercurial place, famed for boisterous urban living and a rugged, remote countryside. We found both in Dublin. One of the youngest cities in Europe, with an average age below 25, the capital of Ireland is home to over one million people and the Dublin outpost for Riot Games.

We started out with a meagre five Rioters, but now we hear more than a dozen languages while walking through our open-plan office or digging into our free breakfast. Riot Dublin's responsible for helping to monitor the European League of Legends servers, answering questions from European players, interacting with the European community, localizing the game into eight European languages, and organizing and attending events throughout the continent.

Our backgrounds and nationalities may be different, but our passion for League of Legends is a unifying constant.

You know games are being played from the outbursts of foreign expletives as ganks unfold and skillshots are missed. We hold in-house tournaments twice a year; the winning teams earn certificates and bragging rights over the defeated colleagues.  With such high stakes in play, and with some highly-skilled summoners in-house (one Dublin Rioter attained an Elo of 2422 during Season 2), the competition gets fierce. When we aren’t in our own matches, we get together to watch tournaments such as IPL and our own World Championships fuelled by local pubs’ finest black stout.

We frequently celebrate the multicultural nature of the European office. We provide food, drink, and entertainment to all Rioters and tailor the evening to the specific chosen nation. One recent evening celebrated Italy, and while fine meats and pasta were to be expected, our Italian General Manager dressing up as a certain plumber was most certainly not!

Grafton Street, just a few steps from the Riot office, is one of Dublin’s most famous areas, known for its street performers and shops. Just a few minutes’ walk away is Temple Bar, home to some of the most well-known pubs and clubs in the city. Dublin is steeped in culture, and the city that brought the world Yeats, Joyce, and Wilde still buzzes with a lively theatre and arts scene, predominantly based in the city centre. Dublin is a highly accessible city, best illustrated by its walkscore of 97 out of 100.

Working in Dublin gives us easy access to continental Europe, where we attend huge European fairs and tournaments such as Gamescom and DreamHack and watch heavyweight local teams like Moscow 5 and duke it out.

Rioters from all over the continent have found a home in Dublin where history, culture, and entertainment are poured by the pint.

Perks beyond the norm:

  • Flexible hours
  • Subsidized dinners
  • All-company outings (past trips included Las Vegas and a cruise to Mexico)
  • Top-of-the-line computers and peripherals
  • Company events like early screenings of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers
  • Submit champion ideas directly to the dudes and dudettes who make 'em real
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.

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