Riot Games Santa Monica

Santa Monica conference room

One of the eighty-eight cities in Los Angeles county, Santa Monica shines in Southern California’s beautiful weather. We're connected to the amenities of one of the world's great cities, and near all sorts of folks that love being near other creative professionals.

The hub that the Riot Games wheel rotates around, Santa Monica provides guidance and support to our global teams. We’re also the nexus for primary development on League of Legends, our flagship title.

We work side-by-side with each other; on any given floor, it feels like no one’s more than a NERF gun blast away. With our open floorplan, our ideas don’t clutter a cubicle, they fly around like foam disks and darts.

At least once a month, we cram hundreds of people into the Urf Memorial Lounge to show off our new projects, talk about sick League of Legends plays and mainline new information to improve our skills.

We make time to play the games we love. Whether it’s in the onsite PC Bang or surrounded by likeminded gamers at our desks, we battle on the Fields of Justice daily in company playtests, early preview events and ranked-queue showdowns. We host an intense Riot-wide tournament known as the Riot Rumble.

Some weekends we plan board game nights or Friday night pub crawls. Local corner markets and bodegas serve up fresh produce, seafood and deli, all within walking distance. Should you choose to drive, take care with the parking sitch.

For Rioters with children, there are award-winning schools near close-knit housing divisions, safe community parks and accessible civic centers. The little Riotlings can hang out at the beach, or earn a weekend trip to Disneyland with enough Honor points.

In Santa Monica, we’ve got a beach within a long-board kick-push, a walking concourse with boardwalk atmosphere, world-class restaurants and a thriving community of serious professionals who don’t take ourselves too seriously.


  • Open PTO
  • Flexible hours
  • Subsidized dinners
  • All-company “Show and Tells,” "Taste the Riot" fairs, and "Thunderdome" hackathons (infused with adult beverages)
  • On-site PC Bang
  • Annual Riot Play Fund
  • Optional daily League of Legends playtests
  • Free cereal, fresh fruit, snacks, tea and fresh ground coffee; sodas and ice cream novelties for a quarter
  • Ongoing education and training through Riot U
  • Top-of-the-line computers and peripherals
  • Weekly visits from certified masseuses
  • Company events like early movie screenings, board game nights, and office get-togethers (usually around food).
  • Submit your champion ideas directly to the dudes and lady dudes who make 'em real
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items
  • Aeron chairs

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.

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