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Dublin’s technology scene has grown so quickly in recent years, one strip of commercial property along the south side of the River Liffey picked up a telling nickname: The Silicon Docks. And a recent study showed that Dublin now surpasses London in the pace of tech-related real-estate transactions. There’s even a vibrant indie game scene in the area. Is it any surprise we chose to make Dublin the hub of our European operations?

When the office first opened in 2010, we focused primarily on player support and localization. To effectively support the growing League of Legends community in Europe, we’ve cultivated a host of new disciplines, including: Community, Business Development, Network Ops, Data Analytics, Player Insights, PR, Marketing, and more.

Walk through our open-plan office and you’ll hear more than a dozen languages. Ever wonder what it sounds like when a French Rioter’s champion gets ganked because his mid-laner forgot to ping “ss”? Let’s just say it brings new meaning to the phrase “pardon my French.” Our backgrounds and nationalities may differ, but our passion for games - League of Legends in particular - remains a unifying constant.

You’ll bump into high-skill summoners - Diamonds and Plats and Golds, oh my - while roaming the office, so you’re covered just in case you have a question about Rengar’s optimal build path following the latest patch. Most workstations have multiple screens, and it’s not uncommon to see an LCS, LPL, or OGN esports broadcast playing on somebody’s second screen. We love League of Legends. And we really love other games, too, so it’s not uncommon to see Rioters taking gaming breaks or staying late to play together.

We like food almost as much as we like games. The office caters two lunch buffets a week, plus morning smoothies to give Rioters a little boost at the start of the workday, and it’s not unusual to see a tower of pizza boxes and beers arrive in time for group meetings. Even though Ireland isn’t traditionally known as a foodie hotspot, the local restaurant scene benefited hugely from the influx of immigrants that poured into Dublin during the Celtic Tiger boom years.

Grafton Street, Dublin’s most famous pedestrianised shopping street and a sought-after destination for European street performers, is mere blocks from the Riot office. Temple Bar is just a few minutes’ walk away as well and is home to some of the most well-known pubs and clubs in the city. Dublin is steeped in culture, and the city that brought the world Yeats, Joyce, and Wilde still buzzes with a lively theatre and arts scene. The relative compactness of Dublin’s city centre makes it highly walkable, and removes stress from getting where you need to be. (Don’t worry, there are still buses, trains, light rail, and taxis if you’re feeling lazy.)

Working in Dublin gives us easy access to continental Europe, where we meet up with players at European conferences and tournaments such as gamescom and DreamHack. Our esports studio is just a two-hour flight away in Berlin in case we get the urge to go check out an EU LCS broadcast and see Europe’s best teams dominate on the Rift.

Rioters from all over the world have found a home in Dublin where rich history, culture, entertainment, majestic landcapes, and ARAM breaks await.

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  • Flexible hours and PTO allowance

  • Twice-weekly subsidized lunches and other occasional meals

  • Top-of-the-line computers, peripherals, monitors, and more

  • Staff outings like zip-lining, trampoline dodgeball and IMAX screenings of nerdgasm-inducing blockbusters

  • Submit champion ideas directly to the designers who bring ‘em to life

  • Weekly visits from certified masseuse

  • Snag dat swag - get your hands on free Riot-branded and League of Legends apparel, plus other promotional goodies

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.

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