Software Quality Analyst (SQA)

Saint Louis

Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result in great games. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to critical and player acclaim. As the most played video game in the world, over 67 million play every month. Players form the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience.  

We’re looking for humble but ambitious, razor-sharp professionals who can teach us a thing or two. We promise to return the favor. Like us, you take play seriously; you’re passionate about games. We embrace those who see things differently, aren’t afraid to experiment, and who have a healthy disregard for constraints.

That’s where you come in.

As Software Quality Analyst (SQA), you’ll use your understanding of bug database software and version control, as well as your familiarity with client and server architecture, to break things – break all the things – in testing, so that they aren’t broken when they make it into players’ hands. You’ll work with engineers to create efficient and practical ways to test new features, often developing solutions and writing test cases when features are fresh from the creative womb.

You are:

  • Analytically adept: you’ve acquired plenty of experience executing regression, unit and integration tests as well as using version control and bug database software; your Computer Science degree and strong background in computational mathematics helps you craft robust analysis
  • Critically thoughtful: your excellent organizational skills and attention to detail keep your critical thinking focused; you’re biased towards thoughtful, data-supported and process-driven decision making
  • A tech-savvy communicator: you speak for data by interpreting technical analysis for people for whom the lingo is a distant fifth language; you communicate easily using whatever method is most apropos, whether email, telephone or Tricorder
  • A gamer: you’re a lifelong online player who’s passionate about League of Legends; your personal repository of gaming knowledge helps you to recognize common bugs, uncommon infections and rare plagues that others might miss

You will:

  • Drive quality of features in functionality and fun from beginning to launch and beyond
  • Plan test coverage for the client and platform executed via multiple methods (GUI tests, functional, integration automation) 
  • Refine methods for documenting issues uncovered during testing and communicating them to other teams; you’ll develop and maintain a bug database
  • Track software performance for new features and bug fixes to ensure stability of releases; test software across various hardware to ensure compatibility

To apply:

  • Click the button below and don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.