• Interested in working at Riot Games?

    Visit our Careers section, which includes information about what it's like to be a Rioter, how to apply for roles and what sorts of opportunities are available. If you're looking for career advice, try hitting up our LinkedIn group. LinkedIn is a site for professionally focused discussion and some seekers have received good advice when they ask for help there. Please do try some internet searches first, though. There's lots of great advice already published online about how to break into the games industry, and there are a number of online resources that will put you on the right path. We hire self-starters, so that means doing some good ol' fashioned Googling before you hit us up with questions.

  • Looking for a tour of the Riot offices?

    We now offer sneak peeks into our Los Angeles, California headquarters. To learn more, click here.

    Can't make it down to LA, but still want a look? Check out this behind-the-scenes look of our new office!

  • Need all the infos on Riot for a school project?

    We're stoked you're interested in doing a project on a subject involving League of Legends or Riot Games, but the quantity of requests has totally overwhelmed us! Many of the questions that we've seen come in are things that can be found with diligent internet searches, and the stuff that can't be found via internet search is private/proprietary and can't be shared anyway. We do have a limited opportunity to work with PhD students -- if that's you, please let us know


League of Legends

  • Got an awesome idea for League of Legends?

    If you've got an awesome idea for a skin, champion or how to improve League of Legends, the best place for these is We do read the forums and pay attention to the ideas that players share with us there. 

    For a bunch of reasons, we can't accept submissions for skin or champion concepts, but we've noticed that many summoners love coming up with concepts so we created this forum where you can post and share these ideas. If you post here, you'll get others' feedback on your concept.

    Please note that this forum's purpose isn't to help Riot find the newest champion of the League. Rather, we want to give you a platform to express your creativity.


  • League of Legends fansite admin with questions?

    Shoot a note to our fansites team

  • Need help putting League of Legends videos on the YouTubes?

    If you'd like to put your League of Legends fan videos on YouTube or another streaming video distributor, but need to cut through the proverbial red tape, check out the official policy on advertising in your League of Legends videos here

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