United for a cause: The Riot Impact Challenge

Millions of gamers around the world play League of Legends and come together to build a united, but kaleidoscopic community of diverse players from all walks of life. It’s a privilege and a responsibility to be part of such an incredible, caring community, and we’ve been looking for opportunities to join forces to help make tomorrow a better future.

We want to support social impact projects at the intersection of what players care about and what we care about as players ourselves. We’ve shared a few stories of our past efforts, but the Riot Impact Challenge is our alpha test of an even bigger, community-driven approach to philanthropy.

In the Riot Impact Challenge, we’ve partnered with Omaze, a global fundraising operator, to extend our reach so more players have an opportunity to help us support four non-profit orgs:

CoderDojo is a worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. Open to anyone between seven and seventeen, Dojo’s teach coding, site-building, app or game dev, and provide a safe, casual environment for creative exploration.

They’ll use the additional resources to expand multilingual coding education in their open-source programming clubs all over the world. They’ll also work towards levelling up personal development for kids trying to hone mentorship and leadership skills.

Cybersmile Foundation believes everybody should have equal opportunities to embrace technology and develop as an integral part of our new digital world without suffering abuse, harassment or intimidation.

They’ll develop an online environment providing education and support resources for gamers of all levels on the importance of social / emotional learning, behavioral awareness and creating positive online experiences with others.

The Institute of Play creates learning experiences from the principles of game design—experiences that simulate real world problems, and require dynamic, well-rounded solutions. They help make learning irresistible, instilling a hunger to know and learn more.

They plan to create a teacher training program and materials for STEM classes, engaging students as they deploy 21st-century skills around critical problem solving, collaboration, and systems thinking.

Mental Health America is the oldest of our partner orgs, founded over 100 years ago to address the needs of those living with mental illness and to promote mental health. They’re driven by a commitment to show how mental health is critical for everyone.

They’ll be developing a platform for anyone anywhere to receive community-driven support for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues with possible next steps to get informed, get connected, and get care.

Our goal is to build sustainably, engage in impact work we believe in, and commit to delivering lasting positive outcomes.

Building sustainably means growing our philanthropy efforts over time, learning as we go, and pivoting when necessary to make sure the outcomes we hope to achieve endure.

The impact work we believe in is rooted in an increasingly digital world and what that means for future populations. We aim to partner with orgs that share our values and can dream big.

Committing to delivery means working strategically with our partners on long-term plans and projects that don’t fade.

The Riot Impact Challenge is only part of the story, and we’ll share the next chapters with players as they’re written. Join the challenge!