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We receive daily emails, phone calls, and forum questions from people who wanna know more about how to become a Rioter and what it's like to work here. In response, we've put some energy into answering applicant questions on the Riot Games Linkedin group. Applicants have found our efforts useful so far. As group stats show, the group blossomed to over 1500 members in the last year, up from 200 in November 2011. The Riot Internships FAQ has been the most discussed thread, though if we had to choose a few favorite threads, they'd be these: 

  • An interview with David Abecassis, Champion Designer. Students often ask for informational interviews or interviews for class assignments. We usually turn these down. There are just too many requests. But lately we've been trying out the idea of turning these class assignments into a public Q&A in the hopes that others might benefit if the interviews didn't just disappear into an instructor's files but rather were available to the world. This interview with David Abecassis came from one such request. The answers are now out there for everyone's benefit.
  • How to voice a champion. Great thread that explains how we select voice actors for champion voices. The secret identity of Lulu's voice actress is revealed in this thread – Adorabus!
  • Resume and cover letter FAQs. A community member took the effort to go through a bunch of separate Q&A threads to compile a useful resource. Coopetition for the win.

Check the group out and let us know if there's stuff we could be doing to make it more useful.

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