Redefining Player Support in the Gaming Industry

Bear -- Redefining Player Support

Greetings from the forest,

I’m Bear, Player Support Project Manager at Riot Games. I first joined Riot as a customer support specialist in December 2010. When I interviewed with the team, I was told Riot wanted to completely redefine what customer support means and that we'd be driven to always create timeless and positive player experiences. "Always" didn’t seem realistic.

I had my doubts initially, but I've seen first-hand that we're continuously pushing boundaries to provide the best player experience. When we say we aspire to be the “most player- and community-focused game company in the world”, we stand by it. It's not just a mission statement; it's present in our minds with every decision we make. So much so, that we decided to throw out the word “customer” and treat everyone how they should be treated – as players. The Player Support team's empowered to think creatively, find the root cause of issues, communicate these causes to the development team, and ultimately – make our mission statement a reality.

Our core goals haven’t changed in my time here. Player Support's not the last stop for player issues. It’s where we completely redefine how player feedback influences development and Riot as a whole, and where we make sure players' voices are heard. 

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