Redefining QA in the Gaming Industry

Jon -= Redefining QA


I’m Jon, a QA analyst at Riot, and I’d like to share with you what has been the most incredible work experience of my life.

I joined Riot with the same low expectations as I’d had for any QA position. What if I just ended up in a basement room with 30 other dudes, far from the development team, doing grunt work?  But I love gaming, so I bit the bullet and applied for QA. I grimly arrived at the Riot offices a few weeks later to do on-site interviews. I walked into the meeting room, took a seat…and proceeded to have all my expectations shattered.

I started off chatting with several QA analysts and leads. Things started to get a little unusual when Ryan “Morello” Scott sat down across from me. What was the lead champion designer doing interviewing a QA candidate? Then to top it off, my final interview of the day was with Riot’s president, Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill.

Meeting with the Riot team was the first hint that something's different here. Everyone I spoke to was bright, articulate, and deeply dedicated.  It became very clear that Riot wasn’t looking for some standard, robotic QA automaton, but someone who thinks creatively and pushes him or herself beyond the traditional constraints of QA.

QA is different here. I can’t say it enough. There’s none of the “throw it over the wall to QA” that I’d see elsewhere. QA is part of the conversation, and plays an important role in the development process right from the get-go. QA weighs in on design decisions and upcoming features. During my time here, I've been given responsibilities I’d never have thought would be handled by QA. I work side-by-side with some of the greatest game developers in this industry. Above all, I'm given the freedom to improve Riot and League of Legends in my own way.

At the end of the day, I know when I'm here that every single Rioter is trying to make the player experience as amazing as it can be. It doesn’t matter who I am or what I do, my ideas will be heard. My efforts will get noticed. And I can make a lasting difference.

I've only got one regret about Riot: I wish I’d applied sooner.

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