Positive feedback earns Riot #4 spot in “25 Best Tech Companies to Work For in 2013”

Working at Riot

Riot was ranked #4 in Business Insider’s “25 Best Tech Companies to Work For In 2013.” These rankings are based on Glassdoor.com feedback that comes from the people who know these companies best: the people who work there. It’s pretty awesome to see that so many Rioters agree that working at Riot’s pretty sweet.

Of course it’s great to learn that Rioters are happy where they work, but Glassdoor.com also helped us learn where we can improve. The site gives people the chance to honestly review and rank the places where they work or interview. We dig Glassdoor.com for its ironclad rankings system that doesn’t let companies buy or manipulate feedback, so the info’s pretty dependable. And often it’s the not-so-great stuff we read that’s the most valuable.

Some of the negative feedback we’ve seen on Glassdoor.com, whether from Rioters or potential Rioters, has helped us reevaluate our internal feedback loops and tackle pain points before they become problems. One of these internal efforts is our Pain forums where Rioters can raise, discuss and address concerns ranging from the craving for Cherry Coke in the vending machines to the need for better team communication in one of our offices. These forums give visibility to these concerns, so the right individuals and teams can take action and find solutions. Our annual global survey allows Rioters to openly and honestly communicate thoughts about where we’re doing great and where we could use some help. Teams use that data to set improvement goals over the next year. The ability for Rioters to share and address feedback helps us continue to improve, and this recent ranking win has us all motivated to continue to seek feedback, so Riot can become an even more awesome place to work.