Riot's making a move


Over the last year, things have gotten a little too cozy at Riot HQ in Santa Monica. As we’ve grown, we’ve squeezed ourselves into every cranny and we’ve spread across multiple floors and buildings, making communication between teams occasionally tough. But when talk turned to bunk desking as a solution for our space woes, we got serious about looking for a larger, more contiguous space to host us all.

We’ve found our next home. Known as ElementLA, Riot’s new home sits less than a mile east of our current digs – still just a few klicks from the ocean, but nicely situated next to a soon-to-open metro station that’ll be able to whisk Rioters to downtown LA and beyond. We’ll move in spring 2015. 

We’re stoked. The creature comforts will be upgraded: no more lines in the bathrooms, shorter waits at the Starbucks machines, and definitely no more threats of bunk desking. Basically, we’re gonna be running short on first-world problems for a while.

More seriously, though, this move represents an investment in Riot’s work environment that’s consistent with our belief that a fun, comfortable place to work enhances creativity, productivity and communication between teams.

We put a lot of effort into shaping our office environment because we believe that it shapes us and the stuff we develop. Sure, in our early years, Riot managed to launch League of Legends from a space where the ceiling leaked and where “conference room 2” consisted of a whiteboard propped in a fire escape stairwell. But we’ve always admired visionary companies like Pixar and Google who invest in bodaciously productive workspaces. We aren’t looking to pile on gold-plated perks, just mercilessly crush space issues to create a playful, comfortable, and collaborative space where we can do our very best work.

So back to today’s news. Here are the facts: we’ve signed a lease. We’re looking to move all Santa Monica Rioters (with room for growth) into the new space in the first half of 2015. We’ll post plenty of photos when there’s something interesting to look at. 

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