Riot Games API launches into beta

We hit the launch button on the Riot Games API beta, and we’re ready for you to play with it, make some cool stuff with it, then tell us what works and what doesn’t.  We’ll have real news to share once we see the kind of awesome that developers create with all of these stats and data.

Community contributions really make the League of Legends game experience, so we’re stoked to share the API that the community’s been craving for a while. Even without this API, community devs build tools and apps that bring more to the overall player experience, so we can’t wait to see what happens when they have the keys to the data kingdom and better raw materials.  

So here are the details. You can use the API as a solid foundation to build all kinds of tools and services on websites or mobile apps. To get started, just log into the developer portal with your League of Legends account info, and you’ll automatically be given a demo key that’ll let you experiment with the API. Once you have an app that’s player-ready, you can apply for a production-level API key. We’re limiting the number of production-level keys we give out at launch, but feel free to submit your apps for review. It’ll help us understand how you use the API, so we can make the right improvements.

So what does “beta” even mean for a bunch of raw data? We’re working out the glitches and improving as we go. We’ll know it’s time to leave beta behind when we get there. While we’re testing the tool, we want loads of feedback – all the feedback. We want you to show us how you use the API and tell us what could be better. We’ll gather that feedback and make a lot of changes, so you'll have an easier path from raw materials to awesome. The developer site’s home to API documentation, but equally important; it’s a place for discussion and feedback around the API and your projects.

OK, so those were only some of the details. To get more info, check out the Getting Started guide, the developer guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions. No question’s a dumb question, but check first ‘cause you might already have the answer. We’re excited to see what the community creates – and don’t forget to join the discussion and tell us what you think.