Rioters rumble for title of 2012 League of Legends Champion

Yesterday in Riot Santa Monica's Urf Memorial Lounge, Rioters armed with thundersticks cheered for the final two teams left standing in the Summer 2012 Riot Rumble. After eight weeks of competitive League of Legends play, team Ramrod, mostly Rioters from Finance, reigned victorious in Bronze league, proving that they do indeed have the skills to pay the bills. Teams Scrubs and Jesse Perring Sings the Blues claimed the Silver and Gold titles. 

When we say we take play seriously, we mean it, and throughout the Rumble, we saw just how serious Rioters' play can be. Over eight weeks, we built internal teams, trained with in-house coaches and competed in battles on Summoner’s Rift with the hopes of being named the 2012 Riot Rumble Champions.

Participating Rioters were separated by Elo into 36 teams in three leagues: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Sub-level-30 Bronze players learned to communicate and master last hitting, while high-Elo Gold players focused on seamless teamwork. Rioters from the LAX, STL and Brazil offices, 285 total, participated.

Rioters are now in offseason training until we rumble again in winter 2013.

Photos of the Rumble and its victors:


Summer 2012 teams:

Bronze Tier:

  • Bad News Volibears
  • Buffulu
  • PentaSkill
  • Ramrod (winner)
  • U Should Probably Surrender (USPS)

Silver Tier:

  • /dance
  • Band of Feeders
  • Base Race
  • Can’t Milk Those
  • DunkNDive
  • FanfiXXX
  • Heintz Akali Mid
  • Justice League
  • Love Grove Legends (STL)
  • Mahna Mahna
  • Peanutbutthurt & Jelly
  • Plan A
  • Quality Assured
  • Ramen
  • Scrubs (winner)
  • Tarek & the Solo Qs
  • Team ARAN (All Random All Noobs) (Brazil)
  • Team Rageblade
  • Toby and Friends
  • Uncle Rico’s Roughnecks
  • Unreliable Raid Bosses
  • Westyde Bawlaz
  • The Wonderbolts

Gold Tier:

  • Bananafear
  • JellyCats
  • Jesse Perring Sings the Blues (winner)
  • Magna Mora
  • Pro Team Awesome Pro
  • Team O
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