Riot Peers For Players

We’ve just published some info about how we peer. It’s some super technical stuff that is probably most interesting to internet service providers (ISPs) interested in peering with Riot. So why are we posting it at all?

We want to peer with more ISPs because when we peer, we’re able to exchange traffic without a lot of extra hops, skips and jumps around the interwebs. Peering helps us create the shortest possible path across the internet to players by directly connecting to the internet service providers. With this relationship, we’re not only able to directly connect, but we can also help those internet service providers address specific problems that may be affecting their service or League of Legends play. Peering also adds additional diversity of connections, which helps us defend when DDoSers attack.

Bottom line: peering helps us help ISPs, which helps players, so we’re trying to do more of it. With it, there’s a more direct connection between players and League of Legends and that means better pings for players and better connectivity for Riot’s game services. Everyone’s a winner!