Rioters Connect with Players at PAX East

Like a Lovecraftian leviathan rising from Boston harbor, PAX East -- Penny Arcade’s gaming and geek culture convention, running from April 11 - 13 -- is nearly upon us. We’re holding down trusty booth #424 over at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, so swing by and join us for more community events than Cthulhu has tentacles on his gross face.

These community events include no-holds-barred League matches between players and Rioters, live art demos, cosplay showcases, design Q&A sessions, an in-depth presentation on the making of the “Get Jinxed” music video, and some very special League community guest appearances.

We’re also hosting panels all con long where we hope to connect with players and start conversations about how we approach game design, the League community, and our champion relaunch process. To get a full look at Riot’s PAX East panels, cast your gaze below:

At Riot Games, no day goes by that we're not blown away by actions and interactions of the League of Legends community. From collegiate clubs to cosplayers, from streamers to artists, from fan sites to tournament organizers, the community's taken the stage to expand and redefine the League of Legends experience for everyone. In this panel, we’ll discuss how we challenge the conventions of traditional PR and Community disciplines to build a different kind of relationship with players.

With each new champion, Riot Games continuously strives to level up its quality bar. But what about older champions? Enter Riot’s Champion Relaunch team. Dedicated to quality and consistency, the team reforges classic League of Legends champions with new designs. Join the Relaunch team as we discuss the philosophy and technical approach behind the delicate task of reimagining older champions.

Creating and maintaining competitive gameplay in League of Legends requires consistent attention to things like champion design, healthy gameplay, and building effective design communication with players. Join designers from Riot Games as we discuss how to create an engaging and satisfying gameplay experience in League of Legends.