Watch (and Rewatch) Our GDC Talks

With GDC 2014 in the rearview, we’re already excited to take a look back and share a few talks from the conference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the lessons we’ve learned while developing features that support and promote positive player experiences in League matches, head over to the GDC Vault and check out Jeffrey Lin’s “Enhancing Sportsmanship in Online Games” presentation.

Strapped for time? Can’t watch a video right now? Jeffrey also chatted with Red Bull Esports’ Philippa Warr about the OP nature of teamwork. You can give it a read using this very fancy link.

And if you had a main conference pass at the show this year, you can use your login info to access Andrew McVeigh’s “Evolving the Server-Side Architecture of League of Legends” and Christina Norman’s “Competitive Multiplayer Storytelling” talks.

So, until next year’s GDC, enjoy these links on links on links.