Rioter Mugshots Make Pictures Personal

When it came time to start taking company photos, we challenged ourselves to find a better alternative to eggshell backgrounds, unnaturally rigid postures, and lighting that looks like it came straight out of a grade school production of Glengarry Glen Ross. We needed something, well, not so damn boring.

Enter Rioter mugshots: our take on the photos that grace profiles and IDs here at Riot. They’re less about functional identification (although that’s pretty important) and more about showcasing a Rioter’s personality in high-quality photos captured using the latest picture-making technologies.

Nerf guns, harps, costumes, pets, and avantgarde headgear all show up in mugshots - the only requirement is that props must speak to what makes each Rioter uniquely awesome. Oh, and no vampire bats; they have a weird thing about the flash.

Check out below some of our favorite mugshots from Rioters past and present, which were snapped by photographer Colin Young-Wolff