League Players Reach New Heights in 2014

If you’re keeping track, the last time we talked about League of Legends player numbers, Curiosity had just landed on Mars, “Gangnam Style” could be heard from literally every device capable of making noise, and the unholy union of croissant and donut wasn’t even a twinkle in some Frankenbaker’s eye. Given that it’s been a minute, we wanted to share some updated stats about League’s growing global community:

  • Over 67 million players battle it out in League every month

  • More than 27 million people play at least one game of League every day

  • Over 7.5 million players simultaneously play League during daily peak hours

We’re continually amazed by the support of players across the world and beyond stoked to see the League community grow so much over the past few years. Here’s to all the players out there!

Our most recent publicly released numbers are also published on the Games Page.