Neighbors baffled by STL lobby

Katarina welcome the St. Louis Rioters to work.

On the 10th floor of a certain office building in a certain city in a certain state in Midwestern America, there’s a certain elevator lobby that seems to spark an awful lot of discussion. You see, in a downtown district dominated by lawyers, bankers, and other srs businesses, this particular lobby has a vibe that surprises tie-clad business types. It could be the concrete floors. It could be the exposed ductwork.

It’s more likely it has something to do with the gigantic, floor-to-ceiling murals of well-armed League of Legends champions that greet them each time the doors open on what they call “the fun floor.” Rioters call it home. What started as a weathered band of engineers gathered in a local Rioter’s basement has grown into one of the biggest game dev houses in the city with over 30 team members, semi-regular industry meetups, and an onsite kegerator.

Here are a few quotes we’ve heard some of our briefcase-toting friends deploy after catching a glimpse of the Riot St. Louis studio:

  • “What is this place?”
  • “You’re from that gaming company, aren’t you? You’re not in a suit.”
  • “I wish I worked there.”
  • “That must be a really cool place to work.”
  • “Wow! What do you guys do?”
  • “When will you guys have an open house?”
  • "We don’t see many people with beards around here very often.”
  • “If you ever need a scumbag family attorney, let me know.”
  • “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I knew you worked on ten as soon as I saw you.”
  • “Are you guys hiring?”
  • “I wish I worked on your floor.”
  • “Still don’t have carpet yet?”
  • “Your floor looks exciting. Is it fun?”
  • “So you’re that gaming company! Yeah…I play a few games myself.”
  • “Someday I just want to get off on this floor and get lost in it.”
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