Rioters talk shop about upcoming features

Rioters hard at work on upcoming content

League of Legends' growth has forced us to find new ways to keep the dialog open between developers and the community. Since player feedback fuels our creative process, finding ways to share our new features and consolidate player reactions is extremely important. Now that there are over 32 million summoners playing each month, staying in touch with everyone presents some interesting challenges. One of the ways we keep players involved in development is through our “Inside Design” developer diaries.

As a direct line to the artists, designers, and other Rioters involved in a release, “Inside Design” serves as both a window into development of the latest release, and a conversation starter for community discussion. In this series, dev team members share their personal challenges and triumphs in their own words, and then stand by on the forums to answer questions, illuminate their thought process, and address player concerns.

The next time you’re interested in learning about some new tech, our creative direction, the details behind a design decision, or which of your favorite developers is an incorrigible arachnophobe, keep an eye out for the latest issue of “Inside Design.”  Here are a few of the previous features we discussed through this series:

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