Rebuilding Twisted Treeline

Twisted Treeline was redesigned from the ground up during its 2012 remake.

The most direct route to a great player experience isn’t always a straight line, and sometimes it takes a few attempts to find the right direction. Our 3v3 map Twisted Treeline’s a great example.

Treeline isn’t our most popular map, but it does have a strong contingent of diehards. And while these summoners really love 3v3, they identified a number of shortcomings with the map. An inaccessible jungle, a flawed arsenal of items and a small group of extremely dominant champions had caused the 3v3 metagame to stagnate. What’s more, Treeline hadn’t received any major updates since it left open beta in 2010, so it was really overdue for an upgrade.

To step up the experience for our 3v3 enthusiasts, we decided it was time to completely overhaul Twisted Treeline based on the feedback we’d received from the 3v3 community. This included taking a bulldozer to the terrain so both lanes are accessible to the jungler, adding items aimed at evening the odds across all roles and creating new objectives for teams to fight over. We also updated the art style, and added a new boss encounter starring Vilemaw, a gigantic undead spider.

So how’d we do? Since the update, players are now logging over 900,000 hours of 3v3 combat a day and ranked participation is up 10%. We’ve also seen a number of new champions break into the top 20 most played, while roughly twice as many players are grabbing Smite and heading into the jungle.

That’s a great start, but we’re in it for the long haul and continuing to gather feedback. Twisted Treeline has received updates in every patch since its release, and we’re on course to keep the momentum going.

Twisted Treeline Map Overview:

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