Worlds 2014 by the numbers

Sangham stadium

We promised we’d share viewership numbers once we tallied them up, and the results are in.

Fans around the the world joined us for 15 days of competition, all adding up to over 100 hours of live content broadcast in 19 languages via 40 broadcast partners.

In total, across all stages from Taipei to Seoul, we saw 288 million cumulative daily unique impressions. This is a familiar metric that’s calculated by taking the unique viewers every day and adding those numbers (but as most fans watched more than one day of the competition, it counts every day they tune in). This adds up to over 179 million hours of esports watched live online across the world. To put this in perspective, fans watched an overall total of 70 million hours online of the Season 3 World Championship. This year, more fans around the world participated in every step of the journey.

During the final showdown between Samsung White and Royal Club, the peak concurrent viewers (the highest number of fans watching at once) was 11.2 million - a climb from 8.7 million in 2013. Overall total unique viewer count for the finals came in at 27 million, from 32 million in 2013. During the Finals, fans tuned in for an average online viewtime of 67 minutes, which beat 2013’s average of 42 minutes.

It’s awesome to see fans enjoying Worlds as a community, whether it’s with 40,000 friends cheering together in Sangam Stadium, or as a group staying up late at a local viewing party halfway across the world. We’re honored by your passion and participation. Thank you for tuning in.

Next up? We’ll unveil some of our plans for 2015 in the coming weeks, so watch this space. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Expansion Tournament on to see who’ll emerge victorious as the newest competitors in the LCS for the 2015 season.

Thanks for all the support, and see you for another year of battle in 2015!