Riot Games Seoul

Riot Games attracts some of the biggest talent in Korea, and we serve players from inside a towering office building in Sinsa-dong, Seoul. Our outpost fills three floors, with offices on the 3rd & 14th floors and the Champions Lounge on the top floor of the tower. In the lounge, we sync up for office-wide meetings, company training and cooperative raids on the well-stocked minibar.

Korea’s answer to Beverly Hills, Sinsa-dong's where Rioters occasionally brush shoulders with celebrities in a district of youth and fashion.

The Han River flows nearby and Namsan Tower watches over the city, both within walking distance of our office.

But it's not all about attractive buildings and gorgeous stars. Riot Games Seoul seeks to promote a culture where the society and its people respect one another. We donated the profit from sales of Ahri for six months after her release to the Cultural Heritage administration. Riot Games Seoul has been volunteering in activities to preserve Korean culture since July 2012.

Often, students will visit local businesses that they are interested in, so we share our experience in the game industry and the environment around it when they choose to visit us.

In Korea, video games are serious business, and we're dedicated to improving the League of Legends experience for all players, ourselves included. Through localization, promotions and by collaborating with players, we'll ensure that League of Legends doesn't go out of style.

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  • Flexible hours
  • Subsidized dinners
  • All-company “Show and Tells,” "Taste the Riot" fairs, and "Thunderdome" hackathons (infused with adult beverages)
  • Top-of-the-line computers and peripherals
  • Company events like early screenings of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers
  • Submit champion ideas directly to the dudes and dudettes who make 'em real
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.


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