Riot Games Santiago

Riot’s launching an office in Santiago, and we’re on the hunt for new Rioters to help us bring League of Legends to LATAM players. With teams in Esports, Community, Publishing, Player Support, and Events to start, we’ll continue to grow Riot Santiago as we boost player experiences in LATAM South. How’re we gonna make this happen? We’re glad you asked.

  • Step one: Set up a new office in Santiago with all the support needed for Rioters to work at their best.
  • Step two: Continue to monitor and improve live issues to ensure LATAM players are hitting Summoner’s Rift without a hitch.
  • Step three: Set up local support teams, while making sure League of Legends is running healthier than a Thoroughbred with a really great healthcare plan.
  • Step four: Open a broadcast studio to help build out the pro and amateur esports scenes.
  • Step five: Take a breather and soak up Santiago’s collection of landmarks, regional wines, ski resorts, festivals, and tasty local eats.

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