Our Engineering Tech Blog Blasts Off

After weeks of crafting and tinkering, today’s a happy day for Riot engineers! The weather is perfect, they’ve attached the clamps and flipped the switch, and now the Engineering tech blog is alive… IT’S ALIVE!!

Our engineers touch nearly every part of the company, helping to solve problems big and small. The tech blog’s a chance to open up about the work they do. You can expect articles and videos chockful of guides and learnings that Heimer’d be proud of. With the blog, we want to start conversations with you and learn from comments and questions.

The tech blog launches with five pieces, including an introduction from VP of engineering Scott Gelb. If you’ve had a chance to check out our merch store, you might dig Jason Rose’s presentation on scaling website architecture. Michal Ptaszek kicks off a series on LoL’s chat services, first talking about XMPP, which we use for client/server communications. Brian Bosse shares how a cleaned up missile system allows engineers to jazz up projectiles to whatever their troubled minds can muster. And last but not least, Jaewon Jung discusses how we’re compressing animation data to buff performance and prevent toaster implosion.

We have plans to share a wide range of engineering topics in future weeks, and we hope you’ll jump into the conversation. If you dig what we’re working on and think it’d be your kind of gig, head over to Riot Careers to see our open positions.