Riot Games Istanbul

Rioters in Turkey straddle two continents, as İstanbul connects Asia and Europe it also bridges past and future. On the Europe side, we visit Taksim Square for a quick cosmopolitan fix. On the Asia side, the Kadıköy district blends classic architecture with mammoth skyscrapers. Many of us travel between Europe to Asia, so we’re used to being in our cars for an hour or two at a time. During work hours, we serve players from the 28th and 29th floors of one of the towering office building near Kadıköy.

We support a growing region with promotions and publishing efforts that resonate at home — we even launched here with a Turkish-inspired Tryndamere skin voiced by legendary actor Cihan Ünal. This same community has grown and built up the esports scene in Turkey.

We're gamers, whether jumping into games of League at our desks or turning on football matches in the conference room. When we want to combine games and sports, Rioters just pop the newest version of FIFA in the console and camp out in the office until the tournament is over. A tight-knit office, we take play to the streets going to premieres of new movies all dressed as James Bond. When the movies over there are pubs, bars, and bazaars to explore and possibly to find a new toy for your office collection. Riot Games İstanbul is a city for those who want to be a part of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

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Perks beyond the norm:

  • Flexible hours
  • Open buffet breakfast every morning and subsidized dinners
  • Ridiculously cheap vending machine
  • All-company “Show and Tells,” "Taste the Riot" fairs, and "Thunderdome" hackathons (infused with adult beverages)
  • Submit champion ideas directly to the people who make 'em real
  • "Taste the Turkish Delight" stand-ups and "Lean Coffee" meetings
  • Constant appearances of random baklava trays, donuts, and fruit basket gifts
  • Riot Games and League of Legends apparel and promotional items
  • Movie nights where we fill a nearby theater (haven't missed any of the Avengers or Hobbit movies!)
  • Regular tabletop game nights/pizza parties
  • Rioter activity clubs of all kinds ranging from cultural activities to extreme sports

Rioters are also hooked up with better-than-basic benefits.




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