Riot Games Hong Kong Studio

Riot Games' first international development studio calls Hong Kong home. With dim sum tea houses boasting hundred-year histories sitting across the street from modern skyscrapers lighting up the horizon, we're inspired by the city's ability to look forward without forgetting the past.

The Hong Kong Studio office rests high in the Central district of this major international hub in Asia, giving us a bird's-eye view of the buzzing metropolis and keeping Rioters close to its heartbeat. Overlooking Victoria Harbour, we're excited to ship more awesome content to players around the globe (pun intended)!

Rioters here collaborate across many disciplines, including Art, Game Design, Production, Engineering, and more. To reinforce Riot’s collaborative culture in our Hong Kong Studio, we’ve decided to do away with the constraints of traditional hierarchical title structures that are more common in this region. Titles don’t really matter at any of Riot’s offices, but we chose to take this extra step to foster a space where teamwork thrives. We believe that removing this constraint will promote individual autonomy, ownership, collaboration, and a focus on results. We promise you won’t need a title at Riot to make an impact!

We can't wait to grow our team and level up our abilities. Stay tuned to see what the Hong Kong Studio has up its sleeves!

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