Welcome to the new RiotGames.com

New Riotgames.com

We tried to make it better than the old RiotGames.com, which is kind of a tall order since the old site cost us several thousand dollars to make, had sweet animated GIFs, occasionally used ALL CAPS and was generally a workhorse of a site that we used for three frickin' years.

It was time for a new site. This new site's designed to do a few things better:

And now it's time to hear your thoughts. We know some stuff about this new site is janky right now. That's not by design, it's just the messy, wrinkly look that new sites have shortly after birth. We're trying to clean this baby up, but would appreciate any and all feedback. Spot a defect? Have an idea for what we could do to improve what you see here? Lob an email over to info@riotgames.com and we'll jump on it.