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We’ve made some unforgettable memories together with Paris over the years: the Spartan warrior chant shaking the walls of the Zenith theatre during All-Star 2014, French fans at the Dock Pullman during the group stages of Worlds 2015 belting out their national anthem, thousands of excited fans pressing into the League of Legends booth at the Japan Expo to see design presentations and world-class cosplay.

To forge an even deeper relationship with French players, we’re opening a dedicated in-country office in Paris next year. Given the city’s status as one of the most enduring and significant global centres of culture, creativity and technology, we can’t think of a better base in which to establish our French presence.

We want videogame publishing to undergo a revolution in France by being closer to French players, engaging in an open-hearted dialogue with the local community, listening carefully to their opinions, doing our very best to delight and surpass expectations, while still taking them by surprise with innovative and creative publishing initiatives.

Our passion and ambition will be tempered with humility. We owe so much to the loyalty of French players and will remain honest to them, owning up to any mistakes we might make in the process. We want to be authentic at every step along this journey.

Best of all, we’re just getting started. There are so many new memories just waiting to be made.


Want to help us build our future Paris office and delight French gamers? We’re currently focusing on finding pioneering, experienced, and passionate leaders. Take a second to look over our Riot Manifesto, which outlines the core values guiding all of the work we do.

We’ll be posting additional job descriptions in the months to come, so bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates!

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