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Riot Games is now a multi-game studio and next on the list...becoming THE entertainment company of the 21st century. As a result, Global Marketing Creative (GMC) was born to better support all of our Global Marketing Creative needs.  And to be truly global we are building a GMC HUB in Shanghai.

拳头游戏旗下目前拥有多款游戏,并计划成为 21 世纪独一无二的娱乐公司。因此,全球创意美术中心的是为了给全球营销创意需求提供更好的支持。为了实现真正的全球化,我们将在上海设立全球创意美术中心。


The mission of Concept Art at Riot is to build deeper connections to games by creating unforgettable worlds and inspirational characters for players.



As Senior Concept Artist, GMC-Shanghai, you will report to the Head of Art, GMC-Shanghai. You will work with artists of all disciplines, designers, and narrative to bring League of Legends' beloved champions and skins to life on Wild Rift. You will find the balance between remaining authentic to League of Legends designs while reimagining them for a new platform. As an experienced character concept artist, you'll work with your partners to envision and develop new, never before seen in the League universe, skin thematics that are resonant, compelling, and iconic. 

作为全球创意美术中心- 上海工作室的高級角色概念设计,您将向全球创意美术中心- 上海工作室的美术主管汇报工作。您将与各类美术师、设计师和叙事师合作,把《英雄联盟》端游里受人喜爱的英雄和皮肤带到《英雄联盟手游》中。您将在保持《英雄联盟》原汁原味的设计,和在新平台上为其重新构想之间找到平衡。作为经验丰富的角色概念美术师,您将与他人合作,构思和制作《英雄联盟》宇宙中能引起共鸣、受人喜爱且具有标志性的全新皮肤主题。


As the Senior Concept Artist, you will work with Senior Leaders in Creative, Visual Design, Narrative and Product teams globally to give teams feedback as a Stakeholder or SME for character design and skin thematic development, utilizing expert craft knowledge and experience. You will also support efforts to find and recruit talent, build relationships with studios and individual freelancers. 

作为高級角色概念设计,您将与全球的创意、视觉设计、叙事和产品团队的资深领导者合作, 利用专业知识和经验,为团队提供角色设计和皮肤主题开发的反馈。您也会帮助寻找和招募人才,与工作室和自由职业者建立合作关系。




  • Work with other art disciplines to create efficient solutions for building the look and feel of the character/creature and its visual effects
  • Take your knowledge of story tropes, archetypes, narrative devices, trends and styles, global appeal, and genres of all kinds to improve the designs that go into our worlds
  • Bring your understanding of human and animal anatomy and know how to stretch the limits while still maintaining a clear art direction
  • Provide design and concept feedback to internal and external developers to maintain quality and consistency.
  • Collaborate with the other artists on the team by providing and receiving creative/team feedback and providing clear creative goals and outcomes to your team



  • 与其他美术部门合作,为打造角色/生物的外观和视觉效果提供有效的解决方案。
  • 利用您对故事比喻、原型、叙事手段、趋势和风格、全球吸引力等各方面的知识,改进游戏世界中的设计。
  • 凭借对人类和动物解刨学的理解,能够在保持清晰的美术方向的前提下,尽可能地将设计发挥到极致。
  • 为内外部开发者提供设计和概念反馈,确保质量和一致性。
  • 通过提供和接受创意/团队反馈,与队伍中的其他美术师进行合作,并向自己的团队提供清晰的创意目标和结果。


Required Qualifications:

  • 7+ years of experience as a character and skin thematic concept artist in game development.
  • 7+ years of professional experience working in Photoshop or equivalent software
  • Expert knowledge of Illustration, concept / design, storytelling, animation and the creative development process
  • Experience with digitally painting volumetric form and material differentiation in an isometric and orthographic view
  • Environment and background concept experience
  • Fluent in Mandarin.


  • 7 年以上担任游戏角色和皮肤概念美术师的经验
  • 7 年以上在 Photoshop 或同等软件下工作的专业经验
  • 具备有关插图、概念/设计、叙事、动画和创意开发流程的专业知识
  • 具备在能在满足不同角度需求的图里表现出体积和材质中, 以数字方式绘制体积形式和材料差异化的经验
  • 具备环境与背景概念经验
  • 流利的普通话


For this role, you'll find success through craft expertise, a collaborative spirit, and decision-making that prioritizes the delight of players. We will look at your past studies, experience, and your personal relationship with games. If you embody player empathy and care about the experiences of players, this could be the role for you!



Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Riot IPs: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, etc...
  • Active member of your craft community
  • Business fluency in English


  • 了解拳头游戏旗下的产品:《英雄联盟》、《云顶之弈》、《英雄联盟手游》等…
  • 在职业相关领域较为活跃
  • 英文基本水平