Internships Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my citizenship matter?

    No, but you must be eligible to work in the country to which you apply. If you already have work authorization that makes you eligible, you're good. Unfortunately, Riot cannot guarantee work authorization assistance for intern-hopefuls.

  • Am I old enough to apply?

    Interns must be old enough to legally work where the Riot office is located. For internships in North America, this means you have to be at least 18.

  • Am I eligible if I'm in my final year of school or taking time off?

    To qualify for an internship, you have to be a full-time student in an accredited undergrad, Masters, MBA, PhD, or JD program -- and remain a full-time student the term after the internship. We give heavy preference to students looking for internships for the summer before their final year of schooling. Those who've already graduated or will graduate soon should check out our full-time openings.

  • Which classes or majors will help my chances?

    We don’t specify which majors are a perfect match because awesome people come from the most unexpected places. That said, some teams may require specific skills. Where possible, we’ve spelled out those requirements in the job description.

  • Do I need to be good at League of Legends?

    We hope that you have some familiarity with League, but that doesn’t mean being an avid player of the game. Regardless of your favorite title or genre, we’re looking for folks who want to create awesome experiences for players and understand that games are an important part of people’s lives.

  • How can I make my application stand out?

    There are lots of ways to stand out! We're looking for smart, talented students who carve their own tracks. The best way to show us you have what it takes is to accomplish something extraordinary: Create a game or a mod, or craft a strong portfolio that demonstrates your aptitude.

  • Can I apply for more than one job?

    If you’ve got a burning passion for a few teams, then give each one a shot. Come up with specific, compelling pitches for each, and let us know why you’re a great fit. Keep in mind that applying for more positions won’t increase your chances and spamming could hurt you.

  • Can I receive feedback on my application materials?

    Unfortunately, we can’t provide feedback on your materials. The volume of applications is such that we’d need a dedicated feedback team to provide comments on every application. There are resources and people in our LinkedIn community who may be willing to give feedback, though!

  • When uploading my materials, what format should I use?

    We recommend you use PDF format to ensure compatibility and easy viewability.  We don’t want your expert formatting to get jumbled when we open it up on our end.

  • Who can help if I’m having technical issues with the application portal?

    Technology is funky sometimes. Head over to our LinkedIn internship thread and post your question. Someone there can help!  

  • When should I submit my application?

    We understand that a good application takes time, but keep in mind that some positions are evaluated on a rolling basis, and there may be different hard deadlines for each role. You can find details on the respective job description page.

  • How long is the interview process?

    Interviews will vary across disciplines, but most roles involve 3 to 4 interviews. In general, we ask for at least 2 weeks time to complete the process. We understand that you may be on a tight timeline, so let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

  • Can I update my application with new content or correct an error?

    There will be no way to update your application once it has been submitted. You will need to resubmit a brand new application--so it is definitely worth double-checking before hitting the submit button.

  • When can I expect a response?

    You’ll hear back from us within 2 weeks after applications close.

  • Where are Riot's internships located in North America?

    Our NA internships are in Los Angeles, Redwood City and St. Louis.

  • Can I intern during the Spring or Fall semester?

    We've set up our program with all internships in the summer so that interns are all here at the same time. This togetherness fosters a tight-knit group experience and helps interns from varying disciplines learn from one another. Synchronizing internships also makes it easier to plan more fun group activities.

  • How many interns are you looking for?

    We don’t have an exact number. It could be as little as two or as many as 100. Each year, our internship class grows. Last year, we chose 46 amazing interns.

  • How will I pay for housing and transportation?

    Riot provides relocation and furnished housing for all interns near the office.

  • When will I start my internship and how long is it?

    Since academic calendars vary from school to school, there will be multiple start dates; typically the First and Fourth week of May, and Second week of June. If your school needs are different you can discuss timing with your recruiter. Internships last 10-12 weeks.

  • How many hours will I work per week?

    Our general office hours are from 10 to 7. Interns should expect to work those hours and participate in a lot of fun extras outside of work, too. It’s a full-time gig.

  • I have a few more questions. Where can I learn more?

    Venture over to our LinkedIn internship thread and we'll try to answer your questions there.