Cultural Heritage Administration

What they do

The Cultural Heritage Administration was established to safeguard the integrity of cultural traditions of Korea and enhance the cultural life of Korean people by preserving and promoting the use of cultural heritage. By creatively harnessing and preserving cultural heritage, the CHA aims to illuminate Korea as the world's leading cultural nation. It's strategies include:

  • Designation and registration of cultural heritage properties
  • Managing royal palaces, tombs, and historic sites of the Joseon dynasty
  • Globalization of cultural heritage and exchange with North Korea
  • Research and investigation of cultural heritage and training specialists

How we're helping

Riot has partnered with the Cultural Heritage Administration since 2011 to protect and support cultural heritages including the returning of Korean cultural assets from abroad.  Since launching in Korea, Riot has always found inspiration from Korean culture, both in game and in real life. We believe that supporting the CHA is a unique way that Riot can show our appreciation to a country that has helped us thrive globally.

Players can be involved by participating in an annual program designed to teach them about Korean culture and history through touring historical cultural sites.  Rioters also volunteer twice a year to clean and upkeep cultural heritages.