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Check whatever expectations you have about “Human Resources departments” at the door. Riot’s Talent team exists, fundamentally, to help Rioters make better decisions around its people. We bring our expertise to all of those typical HR things -- sourcing, hiring, onboarding, training and development, diversity and inclusion, performance management, benefits, perks, compensation, big events, employee relations, offboarding, etc. -- but what’s not typical at all is how we approach those areas at Riot. Onboarding? Ours is Denewbification. Perks? Welcome to Riot Rumble, our company-wide League of Legends tournament. And on and on.

Basically, we’re hardcore gamers who want to make Riot the best place for hardcore gamers to work. When Rioters flourish, they do amazing things for players -- which is why Riot exists as a company.

If you love 'classic HR,' this place is going to be freakishly frustrating. That is both a blessing and a curse, because it means some really creative problem solving, on pretty much a daily basis, without end.

Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, VP Talent

Our hiring process is measured in months, rather than weeks. This is to ensure we're hiring experts in their field who are passionate gamers and fit Riot's culture. Everyone's timeline is unique, but here are the typical steps involved:

  1. Submit application - We’ll try to follow up within four weeks regardless of our intent to move forward.

  2. Recruiter call - Before formal interviews, you'll have a quick chat with a Recruiter about your background and interests.

  3. Phone Interviews - If the Recruiter finds a fitting role, you'll likely go through one or two phone interviews, one focused on your applicable skills and another focused on situations you've encountered at work.

  4. Skill Test - In certain cases, you'll be asked to showcase your expertise in your craft area.

  5. In-Person Interview - We’ll arrange for you to visit your local Riot Office, where you’ll have a series of interviews.

It's intense but ideally the process is meant to discover whether the fit's good for both us and for you.

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