Riot Games was established in 2006 by entrepreneurial gamers who believe that player-focused game development can result into genre-defining games. Back in 2009, that vision gave birth to our debut title League of Legends, which achieved critical acclaim among players and became the most played PC game in the world. We are honored to serve over 100 million players worldwide every month.

To support our growth and nurture our relationship with our Spanish and Portuguese players, we are opening an office in Barcelona. To make that launch a reality, however, we need a handful of top-tier leaders to help us lay the groundwork, starting, basically… tomorrow!


That's where you come in.

As Editor in Chief, you’ll direct the vision and strategy for all news and content shared on League of Legends platforms including and the client. You’ll work within a cross-discipline publishing team supporting the team’s efforts in multitude of League-related content. You’ll build and lead a small team of journalists, content editors and designers to build a core news stream with all the most relevant and resonant content for LoL players in Spain. Your experience in content strategy and your deep knowledge of League will help you develop a holistic content strategy as well as identify the stories we should be telling and sharing from Riot, the game, the community, the press and more.

As a Rioter in Barcelona you'll join a lean but dedicated team of Rioters committed to striving to be the most player-focused game company in the world. You'll share our prioritization of player experience, challenge convention and bring an intense passion for gaming. You’ll collaborate with teams across the globe with the goal of bringing the best possible experiences to Spanish and Portuguese players.

Just like us, you are passionate about games and take play seriously.



Experienced in the field: You bring at least five years of experience crafting content strategies, leading editorial or creative teams and cranking out high-quality long- and short-form writing; the outlets where you published matters less than what you wrote and the teams you’ve worked with.

A wordsmith: You have a bulletproof command of the Spanish language and the prospect of perfecting a message really gets you going; you produce tight creative work on ludicrous deadlines.

A brand storyteller: Your brainstorms make other brainstorms look like headsprinkles or braincloudies with a chance of scattered showers; you imagine and find the stories and angles that’ll connect with the League audience. 

A content strategist: While you’re at ease putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard to craft a story, you’re pro at thinking about the big picture; you think about how the stories you’re sharing ladder up to an overarching narrative, and find the best place and space to share content that players will share with their friends.

Both a strategist and a tactician: You’re able to map out comprehensive content and storytelling strategies, then roll up your sleeves to help teams execute.

A people developer: You challenge and inspire others to be their best selves, personally and professionally; you lead by example, uniting teams with your passion and motivation.

A resourceful self-starter: You’re proactive when it comes to delivering player value. You take the lead where a less confident person might hesitate, always thinking about details and possible threats.

A team player: You know that there’s no “I” in team and you constantly make decisions for the greater good of players, Riot, and the team as a whole. You’re the champion of team health and you know that team harmony is synonymous with excellence in product delivery.



  • Build and lead a League of Legends newsroom: a cross-disciplinary team of editors, writers, content curators who will support our publishing team to deliver the best possible communications.
  • Craft an overarching content strategy and maintain an editorial calendar for all League of Legends news.
  • Own and manage our League of Legends and Riot Games communications platforms (websites, client...), ensuring they’re always displaying relevant content to the League community.
  • Work with League of Legends development and publishing teams in support of messaging and communications plans to ensure we reach, educate, and inspire as many players as possible around the world
  • Write and edit top-tier quality editorial copy for use on a variety of channels including our owned properties (web, game client, etc.) blogs, websites, social media, forums, and presentations
  • Work with international Riot teams and partners to improve our relationship with players around the world; work towards a future where all League of Legends players are "first-class citizens"
  • Regularly compile players feedback and behavioural data both through proactive research and retrospectives to help the team make informed decisions about which type of narratives work, which ones don’t, and why.


Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.