As Space Planner, you’ll be in charge of managing the layouts, changes, and accuracy of data associated with workspace at our Los Angeles headquarters. The role will meet regularly Riot Teams for planning discussions that involve team growth, team moves, and new business space requirements.  Both large and small and you’ll tank projects to make the most efficient use our our space. You’ve got an eye for detail, a passion for organization, and a sixth sense for workplace safety.

You are:  

  • A master planner: you’re a project pathfinder, always looking ahead for future team growth, changing workspace needs, and safety requirements
  • A business-minded space guru: you see the big picture when it comes to space planning, because you know how to get the small details you need to make solid decisions. You figure out ways to use space efficiently to meet today’s needs, while also taking into account the needs of the future
  • An idea accelerator: your creative ideas help plan ahead for future team initiatives based on the evolving game industry
  • Map aware: like a game master setting up your dungeon, you’re always thinking ahead to the next encounter. You’re comfortable with being challenged by your colleagues to come up with plans that meet current needs and are flexible enough to adapt to sudden changes in game conditions
  • Skilled: you’ve spent years honing your technical abilities and you’ve got the track record to prove it; your functional and technical knowledge base continually grows, revealing new ways to level up your craft

You will:  

  • Meet with various Riot teams to assess current and future space needs, recommends alternative workspace layouts, and suggests plans to accommodate business objectives. Understanding Rioter team business needs to effectively plan how to use space. Sets expectations for Rioter team growth based on projected team headcount, and future projects. Coordinates constant Rioter churn - moves, adds, changes, deletes.
  • Leads project management aspects for all workspace projects (including those that affect +100 Rioters and may require outsourced move companies to support). Serves as point of contact for all workplace space planning. Communicates plans to Riot stakeholders in IT Frontline, AV Media Systems, Talent, and Security. Creates scopes of work for major space planning projects, coordinates efforts with move companies, and manages submission of POs for external labor.
  • Responsible for managing space to ensure compliance with Environment Health Safety (EHS). Conducts inspections of spaces to ensure fire/life/safety codes are met, and assures that space standards are upheld on campus. Returns to space after a move/restructure to maintain workplace standards.
  • Creates informational maps, charts, graphs, design layouts and presentations to communicate complex information and ideas. Updates space visualization tools (including CAD drawings) as changes occur to keep space plans up-to-date with current seating locations, room names, and furniture layouts. Creates documentation tracking Rioters’ current and future locations, assures that Space Leads and Rioters are informed, and relays information to move teams.
  • Maintains digital space tracking tools to update seating locations, plan out where Newbs will sit, account for Facility assets. Responsible for asset management tracking for office furniture. Gather and organize data needed to make informed decisions about our current use of space and future real estate plans. Creates monthly reports of space utilization including, but not limited to, current and projected headcount, current seated headcount, and deck occupancy levels.