Established in early 2016, the Hong Kong Studio is Riot’s first international game development studio. We’re a diverse team, representing 15 nationalities and partnering with teams in the LA headquarters on our flagship title League of Legends, and on an unannounced R&D project, putting the “s” in Riot Games.

While operating like a startup—with autonomy and total ownership—we’re doubling down on our ambitions to build out a world-class studio in a vibrant, international city, on a continent that is home to the League of Legends World Champion teams for the last seven years running. The Hong Kong Studio is searching the planet for talented, passionate people, across all aspects of game development, to help build Riot’s blueprint for a global, multi-studio world... and to make great games!

As a further step forward, we’ve done away with the traditional hierarchical title structure. Even though titles don’t really matter at any Riot office, taking this extra step helps reinforce our desire to keep teamwork at the forefront of what we do. Focusing on working together helps promote individual autonomy, ownership, collaboration, and inclusivity so every Rioter can thrive while we relentlessly pursue games.

That's where you come in.

As part of the studios Art Leadership, you'll be responsible for the management of the team's overall growth and improvement of the Art department as a whole. You’ll collaborate with the studio management team to define studio strategy. You'll bring your visionary leadership and deep understanding of Art department dynamics to Riot's Art team, mentoring artists embedded on interdisciplinary projects and helping to establish a unified, consistent strategy.

You are:

  • A gamer: your passion for videogames is what drove you to the industry; you love games and take play seriously
  • A creative visionary: you see the big picture and find pleasure in unravelling complex studio-wide challenges; planning for a scalable and sustainable art organization is in your DNA
  • Strategic: you are deliberate in each step you take; your strategic planning and results-driven attitude make you an effective leader who can balance and prioritize short-term solutions without losing sight of the long-term vision of an Art organization   
  • An effective communicator: you communicate easily with both the studio management team and artists in the most appropriate medium, be it email, morning stand-up or a hallway conversation; you're comfortable interfacing with Rioters of all disciplines and backgrounds and are able to quickly separate the important stuff from "fluff”
  • A team builder: be a leader of leaders; you’ll be responsible for building a high performing art organization that’ll meet the needs of the Hong Kong studio
  • Motivational: you don't lean on clichéd inspirational posters to motivate; you help others empower themselves by fostering an environment of shared ownership, constructive criticism, recognition, appreciation, and collaboration; you're able to identify what motivates people to help them achieve their best results
  • An idea accelerator: your creative ideas and the creative ideas of your team don't end at the concept phase, because you push forward the ideas you know will work IRL; you know what brilliant looks like and have no problems pushing others past mental roadblocks with brainstorming sessions that end in unprecedented innovation and drenched furniture
  • Managerially courageous: you know being a leader ain't easy; you face delicate situations head on, dish out honest and critical feedback, confidently deal with people problems, and are unafraid to be the bearer of bad news when necessary – all because you know it's better to take action and foster change to help a team thrive

You will:

  • Proactively collaborate with the studio management team to define studio strategy, set team goals, and shepherd the art team to ship world-class products that align with studio goals
  • Mentor artists and team leads, effectively scaling the studios creative muscle 
  • Provide work direction, performance reviews, and coaching to artists and developers 
  • Create and implement action plans for the teams future success, emphasizing results and development
  • Actively support the art department by sharing best practices, elevating art direction at Riot, and contributing as a stakeholder and community member

Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.