New Esports Product Manager

Job Description

Esports is changing shape every year at a fast pace, and China is without doubt leading in global sport development. Many new games and sports emerge every year in China but none have yet to prove its capability of becoming the next multi-generation sports like League of Legends; sustainability of future esports will be our key to success. New Esports Product Manager will focus on the sustainability/growth of future sports, and build a thriving sport ecosystem for long term development.


The New Esports Product Manager will lead in future esports development. You will start from ground zero and  take part in incubating our next sports. You will work on new strategies and come up with innovative products that redefine the experience and drive sustainability. You will find the right synergy between game and esports, and work closely with internal and external stakeholders, across multiple teams including product and publishing, to create engaging features and  redefine viewing experience of future sports.

What Does the Ideal Candidate Look Like?

An eSports Manager is a passionate and engaging person that lives gaming. You are meticulously organized and amazing at project management; your skills at moving multiple tasks to completion are legendary. As an influential people-person, your interpersonal skills and ability to communicate and inspire others are second nature.


  • Be a motivated, self-starter with 3-5 years experience in eSports, entertainment or traditional sports programs
  • Possess excellent leadership, communication and management skills
  • Have a deep comprehension of the various components that make up an eSports program
    and be conversationally adept in them, including business management, brand management, software and application development, game design, event management, content development, competitive structure and rulesets, player and team management and broadcast production
  • Maintain awareness of industry and related trends and best practices to identify opportunities to leverage or improve our programs
  • Demonstrate a track record of defining strategies in eSports, entertainment or traditional sports industries
  • Ability for moderate to frequent travel, including international destination