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As part of the Environment Art team, you will channel your knowledge of concepting, modeling, and texturing to help tell stories through visually compelling environments. Working within both design and technical constraints you will build optimized environments that elevate the purpose and mood of the game. Your craft expertise and eye for structure, form, shape language, and design will help develop and build fantastic new worlds for our players to explore.

As a contract Environment Concept Artist on the VALORANT Maps team, you will help create compelling concepts for our maps. We are looking for artists that have strong concept art abilities that fit the style for our game. A solid understanding of world building, composition, design, color, and draftsmanship is essential. Responsibilities also include paint overs on 3D mesh graybox, and having an understanding of art production. The concept artist also works well in a collaborative environment with peers who are passionate about making great games. 


  • Collaborate closely with Art Lead, and other concept artists to produce high quality designs that define the visual direction for our game
  • Bring your understanding of world building and know how to push the limits while maintaining a clear art direction
  • Create concept art for world building to realize the game content
  • Create thumbnails, sketches, provide iteration, and rendered concept art
  • Execute paintovers over 3D blockout
  • Work with Art Direction to develop and define consistent visual style to your work

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience as a concept artist
  • Proficient in Photoshop and other tools
  • Excellent proficiency in generating concept art fundamentals such as composition, design, and color.
  • Strong communication skills