Established in early 2016, the Hong Kong Studio is Riot’s first international game development studio. We’re a diverse team, representing 15 nationalities and partnering with teams in the LA headquarters on our flagship title League of Legends, and on an unannounced R&D project, putting the “s” in Riot Games.

While operating like a startup—with autonomy and total ownership—we’re doubling down on our goals to build a world-class studio. In a vibrant, international city, on a continent that is home to the League of Legends World Champion teams for the last seven years running,

Riot Games is searching the planet for passionate people, throughout game development.

Will you help build Riot’s blueprint for a global, multi-studio world and make amazing games?

As a further step forward, we’ve done away with the traditional hierarchical title structure. Even though titles don’t really matter at any Riot office, taking this extra step helps strengthen our desire to keep teamwork at the forefront of what we do. Focusing on working together helps promote individual autonomy, ownership, collaboration, and inclusivity so every Rioter can be their best while we boldly pursue games.That's where you come in.

As a Product Lead, you’ll lead passionate diverse teams in creating creative content and incredible experiences for players around the world, focusing on the R&D project(s) we are partnering on. By inspiring teams to collaborate, you’ll guide development, smashing through obstacles and driving projects across the finish-line and into players’ hands. By delivering creative projects at every stage of production, you will create an opportunity space for the Studio and have a direct effect on players worldwide.


  • Having XP in AAA game production and creative design to help you easily navigate a labyrinth of creative and technical requirements, forecasting obstacles that could otherwise trip you up en route to content delivery
  • You take deep pride in your work and view each new problem as an opportunity for success; you approach challenges creatively, but methodically, sparking discussions as you work toward prioritising and breaking down the steps to solutions
  • While you’re a capable self-manager, your natural verve and sense of fun make you excel as part of a team; you inspire others, provide meaningful and constructive criticism, and stay calm and collected in crisis 
  • You create goals through capable team management, tactical execution on daily progress; you connect player engagement efforts to broader vision and understand how to create content players will like and share over and over again
  • Oversee multiple production projects at once, helping set vision while creating understanding for all levels of content creation, recruiting new talent, and leading fellow Rioters
  • ct as product owner on a variety of creative content while creating venues to coordinate team members, manage backlogs, and work with other customers and partners throughout Riot

Required Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience leading prodigiously experienced dev teams while working in creative development, partnering directly with writers, sound, visual designers, producers, to engineer and visual effects artists to listen and respond to pitches
  • Experience informing and building features roadmaps, identifying essential path issues while pulling together strike forces to blast through barriers and ship content to players

Our Perks:

  • Full relocation support
  • Full health insurance for you, your spouse and children
  • Open paid time off
  • Retirement benefits with company matching
  • Life insurance, parental leave, plus short-term and long-term disability
  • Play Fund so you can broaden and deepen your knowledge of our players and community through games
  • We will double down on your donations of time and money to non-profits

Don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously.