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  • 独立完成原型阶段的系统/数值设计,包括游戏中的实现以及一定的创新性验证
  • 同制作人一起完成游戏的基础框架搭建
  • 让产品通过原型的绿灯,进入到下一个阶段
  • 同文案以及战斗策划紧密沟通,让战斗和文案同系统数值相结合,而不是孤立的存在
  • 对游戏长期的体验进行规划,努力打磨游戏的耐玩性



  • 6年以上的专业游戏设计经验
  • 热爱游戏,以玩家体验为第一准则
  • 对roguelike游戏有很深的研究,善于设计耐玩性高的build体验
  • 对以角色为主的模拟经营有深入的理解,并能建立出符合认知的数学模型
  • 有过深入的英雄收集类游戏的数值/系统设计经验



  • 有早期游戏和原型设计的经验
  • 对早期研发的不确定性感到满意
  • 有耐心,追求精品
  • 有一定的文案基础,懂得同文案同学深入的合作,让文案融入到系统数值中,而不是独立的状态


As a Game Designer, you will design, tweak, and optimize the player experience. Your analytical skills, player insight, and creativity help craft in- and out-of-game experiences that engage and surprise players. You will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and work with every tool at hand to create and iterate player-focused designs that will delight millions around the world.

As a Principal Game Designer (Systems) in Research & Development working on an early-stage product, you will help decipher one of Riot’s next big bets. You will partner with other designers, artists, and engineers to improve and iterate player-focused designs that aim at delivering a groundbreaking experience. We are still a small team, so this requires plenty of hands-on work creating, and tuning systems/mechanics. You are comfortable operating in an ambiguous environment where goals and constraints are mostly team-driven and where change, big and small, is an essential part of the process. You will report to the executive producer on the team.



  • Design systems that delight and satisfy players' needs for competition
  • Work with other disciplines to build features that meet product goals
  • Create and provide multiple potential designs and solutions. Articulate trade-offs and risks between different options. 
  • Complete the design of the system in the prototype stage independently, including in-game implementation and verifications of certain innovative
  • Work with the executive producer to complete the basic framework of the game
  • Work on the product to pass the green light of a prototype and move to the next stage
  • Communicate and work closely with the narrative and combat designers, so that combined combat, narratives with the system numerical, rather than just isolated system
  • Plan on long term games experiences, strive to polish the playability of the game

Required Qualifications:

  • 6+ years of experience in professional Game Design
  • Passionate in games and belief in players' experience first
  • Deep research on roguelike games, good at designing build experiences with high playability
  • Have an in-depth understanding of role-based simulation management, and be able to establish mathematical models that conform to cognition
  • Have in-depth experience in numerical/system design of hero collection games
  • Can create and improve complex systems with attention to the player impacts and downstream effects


Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working on a game in early stage and prototype design
  • Enjoy the uncertainty of early-stage exploring
  • Work under delayed gratification, be patient and pursue excellence 
  • Deep level of understanding of narratives, and cooperation with narrative designers to emerge narratives to systems, rather than design the isolated systems