Internships Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Still Intern If I'm Taking Some Time Off Or If I'm In My Final Year Of School?

To qualify for an internship, you have to be a full-time student in an accredited undergrad, Masters, MBA, PhD, or JD program -- and remain a full-time student the term after the internship. We give heavy preference to students looking for internships for the summer before their final year of schooling. Those who've already graduated or will graduate soon should check out our full-time openings.

Does My Citizenship Matter?

No, but you must be eligible to work in the country to which you apply. If you already have work authorization that makes you eligible, you're good. Unfortunately, Riot cannot guarantee work authorization assistance for intern-hopefuls.

Am I Old Enough To Apply?

Interns must be old enough to legally work where the Riot office is located. While Rioters like to challenge convention, we don't want to challenge child labor laws! For internships in Los Angeles and St. Louis, this means you have to be at least 18. We look for spectacular talent that can join us post graduation, so the closer you are, the more weight is given to your application. We do not hire freshman, and that being said, we have made exceptions for truly awesome and insanely passionate sophomores.

I’m Still In High School Or Only Have A High School Diploma. Am I Eligible?

You have to be a full-time student in an accredited undergrad or graduate degree program and remain a full-time student the term after the internship. Keep working on your skills and building your resume. We look forward to seeing your application once you’re enrolled in college.

Which Classes Or Majors Will Help Me Get An Internship?

All of them. We don’t specify which majors are a perfect match because awesome people come from the most unexpected places. We’ve got people in marketing who come from engineering backgrounds, and people in engineering who come from liberal arts backgrounds. That said, some teams may require specific skills. Where possible, we’ve spelled out those requirements in the job description. If you’re thinking a few years ahead, check out the Careers page for info on specific skills that we value in full-time Rioters.

Oh Noes! I Have Absolutely Zero Work Experience, What Do I Do?

You don’t need to get paid for doing something to count it as experience. Class projects, volunteer work, independent projects, and other activities (attending conferences, workshops, hackathons, and game jams) rack up experience points that enhance your capabilities and value. Riot highly prizes autodidacts, so show us what you’ve learned.

I’m Good At League Of Legends. Will That Help?

Of course we hope you’re familiar enough with League of Legends to jump into a game with us. Can you imagine interviewing for a job at Apple without having ever tried an iPhone or a Mac? Playing League is just table stakes. We hired a couple Diamond-level players as interns previously, but they also brought a lot of cool things to the table on top of their stellar play. On the flip side, you don't need to be a pro League of Legends player either. While every Rioter plays League of Legends, not all of us are gonna hit Plat—and that’s okay!


Where Are Riot's Internships Located In North America?

Our NA internships are in the US, specifically Los Angeles, Los Altos and St. Louis.

Can I Intern During The Spring Or Fall Semester?

We've set up our program with all internships in the summer so that interns are all here at the same time. This togetherness fosters a tight-knit group experience and helps interns from varying disciplines learn from one another. Synchronizing internships also makes it easier to plan more fun group activities and play more custom 5v5 ARAMs!

If My School Requires Me To Complete "Extra Requirements," Such As A Thesis In Order To Intern, Am I Still Eligible?

If you're an impressive applicant with lots of things to offer, then "extra requirements" won't stop us from hiring you. Our only concern would be the workload. Would you have enough time and effort to work for Riot? We don't want you to come out of the internship with bags under your eyes and gray hairs. Give us a heads-up in your cover letter and we'll figure it out together.

How Many Interns Are You Looking For?

We don’t have an exact number. It could be as little as two or as many as 100. Each year, our internship class grows. Last year, we chose 46 amazing interns from over 6,000 applicants.

How Many Intern Spots Are There On Each Team?

The number depends on the team, based on their needs.

Can I Work From Home?

You’re only here for a brief period, and we want you in the thick of the action, which means being in-house for fist-bumps and to collaborate tightly. So, there’s no working from home.

How Will I Pay For Housing And Transportation?

Riot provides furnished housing for all interns near the office. We also offer a travel stipend to get you to the office and back home once the internship's done.

When Will I Start My Internship And How Long Is It?

Because academic calendars vary from school to school, there will be multiple start dates; First and third weeks in June, and if your school needs are different you can discuss timing with your recruiter.  Internships last 10-12 weeks from your start date. Longer internships are possible, but shorter ones aren't because you’ll need that time to get up to speed and contribute in a major way.

Can I Intern For More Than 10-12 Weeks?

Generally, no. Some summer interns have continued working during the school year, but it’s rare.

How Many Hours Will I Work Per Week?

Our general office hours are from 10 to 7. Interns should expect to work those hours and participate in a lot of fun extras outside of work, too. It’s a full-time gig.

Could An Internship Turn Into An Actual Job?

Yes, one of the reasons we have an internship program is to identify (and hire) top talent who’ll be graduating soon.

I Have A Few More Questions, Where Can I Learn More?

Venture over to our LinkedIn internship thread and we'll try to answer your questions there.


Is It Possible To Apply For A Team That Doesn’t Have A Position Listed?

Sorry, we've only got spots open for those teams that are listed.

Why Are The Internship Job Descriptions And Requirements So Ambiguous?

We're only guessing what an intern might do nine months from now – Riot moves pretty quickly. We're looking for broadly-capable interns who can handle whatever comes their way next summer.

I Don't Meet All The Requirements, Should I Still Apply?

Maybe. Each team crafts their own job descriptions, so most of the requirements listed are pretty important, but what you're missing might not be essential. Or the person who's hiring could give you a thumbs-up if you bring spades of experience or skill in something else.

How Can I Make My Application Stand Out?

There are lots of ways to stand out! We're looking for smart, talented students who carve their own tracks. The best way to show us you have what it takes is to accomplish something extraordinary: Create a game or a mod, or craft a strong portfolio that demonstrates your aptitude. If you can get a “WOW!” or a fist-bump from your buddies, then chances are it’s pretty incredible.

Here are just a few examples of stuff former Riot NA interns did prior to applying:

  • Created high-value content on a well-known blog (or created a well-known blog)

  • Started a software development company and shipped a product

  • Created artwork that blew minds and won competitions

  • Demonstrated mastery of critical technologies we use (e.g., Hadoop, Dockers, Scaleform and CEF) by shipping products using those technologies

  • Led esports teams to victory in major League of Legends tournaments

  • Self-published a novel or three

I Know How To Do A Lot Of Things, Which Position Should I Apply For?

We love awesome and talented people who’re good at lots of things! Do some digging to figure out where your skills intersect with your passions and see which internship fits you best. Don’t apply for all of them! If you’ve got a burning passion for a few teams, then give each one a shot. Come up with specific, compelling pitches for each, and let us know why you’re the perfect fit for them. Keep in mind that applying for more positions won’t increase your chances and spamming could hurt you.

To Whom Should I Address My Cover Letter?

“Dear Riot” or “Dear Rioters” works!

How Long Should My Cover Letter And Resume Be?

We don’t have a hard cutoff but check with your school’s career services office for generally accepted practices.

Can I Submit Extra Materials?

Sure! Most positions require only a cover letter and resume, so anything extra is up to you as long as you can submit it electronically with your application. Use your best judgment; a link to a 10-minute monologue video is probably too much.

Do I Have To Write My Cover Letter? Or Can It Be In Whatever Form I Dream Of?

Feel free to be creative and flex your odd and extraordinary skills. As long as you can submit it via the app portal or we can access it online, you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that a well-executed application is always better than a mediocre creative experiment.

Should I Include Letters Of Recommendation Or References?

They won’t come into play until later in the interview process, so stash them somewhere safe for now.

Can You Give Me Feedback On My Application Materials?

Unfortunately, we can’t. The volume of applications is such that we’d need a dedicated feedback team to provide comments on every application. There are resources and people in our LinkedIn community who may be willing to give feedback, though.

Should I Send In A Hard Copy Of My Application?

Save a sapling and stick to using our website when submitting your materials.

When Uploading My Materials, What Format Should I Use?

We recommend you use PDF format to ensure compatibility and easy viewability.  We don’t want your expert formatting to get jumbled when we open it up on our end.

I’m Having Technical Issues With The Application Portal, Who Can Help Me?

Technology is funky sometimes. Head over to our LinkedIn internship thread and post your question. Someone there can help!  


Would It Be Better To Apply Earlier?

Take your time to put together a kickass application. Keep in mind that there are different hard deadlines this year for different intern positions. We'd hate for you to wait until 11:59pm PST on the deadline only to find out that your power's down or some unstoppable force is preventing you from hitting the submit button.

Bam! I Just Applied, Now What?

If your application collects sufficient kudos, we'll be in touch via email to set up some phone convos, so keep an eye on your inbox and spam folder. During these calls, we'll ask about your interests, expertise, what you want to learn from us and what we can learn from you. If the calls go well, we'll invite you to Riot for a final round of interviews and to meet the team. Riot covers flights, accommodations, food, and transportation for the interviews.

Can I Update My Application With New Stuff Or Correct An Error?

There will be no way to update your application once it has been submitted. You will need to resubmit a brand new application--so it is definitely worth double-checking before hitting the submit button.

Is There Anyone I Can Follow Up With To Check My Application Status Or Reiterate My Interest?

Unfortunately, no. We promise to respond to every applicant via email by the response dates listed in the FAQ and in the job descriptions.

When Will I Get A Response?

You’ll hear back from us within three to four weeks after applications close.