Merch Beta Where? Here.

Having just hit the big red launch button on the public beta of Riot Games Merch, we’re eager for folks to check it out. Players have been asking “merch where!?” for a while now. To answer that question, we’ve spent the last year developing merch that captures some of our favorite parts about League of Legends and building the means to get the goods to players.

The store’s still very much in active development. Although it’s ready to go for beta, expect to see real-time changes as we evolve the site and the merch catalog. During beta, we’re looking to learn what works and what doesn’t so that we can iterate, adapt, and ultimately deliver an even better experience.

Head to the Riot Games Merch Store beta.

Learn more about the beta launch  - Announcement Q&A with the Riot Merch team and Launch Q&A with the Riot Merch team