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As Riot Games grows into a multi-game studio and beyond, our Global Marketing Creative (GMC) team is evolving to serve and support audiences across the world.



As the Senior Interactive Designer on GMC, you will be responsible for leading UX/UI across our digital products, campaigns, concepting and executing interactive experiences and deliverables on our brand moments across all platforms and mediums, from mobile, web, to social. You will be collaborating with individual contributors from other disciplines to align on production goals, define the quality standards, and ensure consistency for all Riot’s visual storytelling through great partnerships. 

作为全球创意美术中心的高級创意视觉设计,您将负责领导数字产品、营销活动、概念设定的 UX/UI 设计,并在各平台和媒介上(从移动端、网页到社交平台),为公司旗下的产品制作互动体验与作品。您将与其他领域的独立贡献者合作,协调制作目标,确定质量标准,并通过合作,确保拳头游戏所有视觉化叙事的一致性。 


The role will be to work with Senior Leaders in Creative, Art Direction, Narrative and Production globally to give teams feedback as a Stakeholder or SME for key visuals, motion graphics, branding, and executions by utilizing expert craft knowledge and experience. They will also support efforts to find and recruit talent, build relationships with studios and create a presence for the discipline within the industry to spotlight our team's accomplishments.




  • Create, strategize, and improve efficient art & design pipelines and tooling for all artists
  • Lead and guide mid and junior designers on delivering assets.
  • Create design systems, libraries, and toolkits.
  • Conduct user research, testing.
  • Prototyping new experience and proof of concept.
  • Provide design and art feedback to internal and external developers to maintain quality and consistency across all products
  • Partner with Senior Leaders, Art Directors, Craft Leads and Product teams to shape and drive overall art strategy for LOL Inc. Marketing
  • Communicate with Directors, Art Directors and Art Leads across all games in all regions to standardize and improve on defining career goals, craft growth and production methods


  • 为所有美术师创建、制定和改进有效的美术设计流程和工具
  • 带领、指导中级和初级设计师交付素材
  • 创建设计系统、素材库和工具套件
  • 进行用户研究和测试
  • 制作新体验和概念验证的原型
  • 为内外部开发者提供设计和美术反馈,以确保所有产品的质量和一致性。
  • 与资深领导者、美术总监、制作主管和产品团队合作,为《英雄联盟》市场营销塑造和推动整体美术策略
  • 与各地区总监、美术总监和美术主管沟通,对职业目标、工艺发展和生产方式进行规范和改善

Required Qualifications:

  • 6+ years of experience in publishing or entertainment related industry and providing art direction and mentorship across a multi-disciplinary team
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Miro, and other design tools
  • Working knowledge of prototyping tools such as Principle.
  • Ability to conduct user research.
  • Showcases a strong understanding of UX best practices, typography, and visual design system.
  • Persistent self-education around innovations in marketing creative


  • 6 年以上在发行或娱乐相关产业工作,以及在跨部门团队中提供美术指导的经验
  • 熟悉 Adobe Creative Suite、Figma、Miro 和其他设计工具的使用。
  • 熟悉 Principle 一类的原型制作工具
  • 具备进行用户研究的能力
  • 深刻理解 UX 最佳实例、印刷和视觉设计系统
  • 能够围绕营销创意的创新不断自主学习


For this role, you'll find success through leadership expertise, a collaborative spirit, and decision-making that prioritizes the delight of players. We will look at your past studies, experience, and your personal relationship with games. If you embody player empathy and care about the experiences of players, this could be the role for you!



Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Riot IPs: League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, etc...
  • Experience owning and effectively communicating about projects and workflow
  • Experience in areas such as motion graphics, illustration
  • User experience as it relates to web, mobile, television, and film development 
  • Project leadership experience
  • Creative Tools such as adobe creative suite, design and video production tools
  • Active member of your craft community


  • 了解拳头游戏旗下的产品:《英雄联盟》、《云顶之弈》、《英雄联盟手游》等…
  • 具备有效沟通项目和工作的经验
  • 具备动态影像和插图领域的经验
  • 具备与网络、移动端、电视和电影开发相关的用户经验 
  • 具备项目领导经验
  • 熟练使用 Adobe Creative Suite 一类的创意工具,以及设计和视频制作工具
  • 在职业相关领域较为活跃