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Esports Operations (DNU)

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The Esports Operations team at Riot—from pro player managers to referees—all work to create live experiences that live up to our mission of making League a global sport that lasts for generations. Watching League of Legends played at the highest level of skill and rooting for your favorite pro, team, or region is a thrill that can’t be replicated—and we obsess over every element.

Whether it’s working in the production truck on high-stakes tournaments around the globe, growing the stability of one of the 13 pro leagues worldwide, or helping shape operations for the upcoming season, it’s our goal to make sure that pro LoL competitions are high-quality, consistent, and fun to watch. We’re never happier than when we’re watching live esports (or crushing the competition at our internal Riot Rumble). Competition is our lifeblood and we want to make the most compelling competitions for pros and fans.

Check out the jobs below for positions in the Esports Operations Discipline, but keep in mind other disciplines also have roles that work on esports. If you don’t see an esports position you’re looking for here, head over to that discipline’s page and filter for “Esports” under Product Team. As an example, a position for a Writer on Esports will be listed under the Publishing Discipline.

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