Each year, Rioters all over the world participate in Global Service Day, where we volunteer our time to our local communities. This year, the Dublin Office decided to help homeless Dubliners by packing and providing free boxes of toiletries. 

From March 25–31 2019 there were 10,305 people homeless in all of Ireland, including children. The number of homeless families has increased by 268% since March 2015, and more than one in three people in emergency accommodations is a child.

On May 10, the poro plushies and League of Legends statues that usually decorate our Dublin office were replaced with flat-packed boxes and an assortment of toiletries. Over 50 Dublin Rioters formed assembly lines along tables to fold the boxes and pack them for the men, women, and children in need.

We packed 1,095 boxes in total to be distributed within Dublin. We’re always looking for ways to continue helping the city we’re proud to call home, and are already planning our next event to raise money for local charities and non-profit organizations.

Riot Games Dublin Global Service Day Boxes

We make the future, and it’s our goal to fill ours with more volunteering and community service hours.