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We're prepping for a massive team builder

Work hard, play hard. That’s how many interns describe their time at Riot, and we think that’s pretty accurate. Our interns land in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dublin, and Berlin to tackle tough problems while getting to know each other over rounds of League and great grub. We believe interns should be treated like full-time Rioters—taking on meaningful problems that affect nearly 70 million players rather than fetching coffee.

Interns come from diverse backgrounds, studying all things A to Z: Applied Physics, Biology, Business (MBA), Computer Science, Economics, English, Entertainment Technology, Ethics, Illustration, International Business, Management & Information Systems, Politics, Religion, Social Psychology, Statistics—well, A to S, but we wouldn’t turn away a kickass Zoology major! 

Applications for 2016 Summer Internships are now closed. Please check back in August for more info on 2017 Summer Internships. 



Interns nab honest mentorship during their time here. We work with awesome people and sharing knowledge is part of working here. You can also expect to rank up while here: you'll unlock access to classes through Riot U to level up your skills while here. You'll also check out internal events and see what other Rioters have done (and maybe even present yourself!) at Show and Tell, tinker and build at our internal hackathon Thunderdome, and scope out some of our future projects at Taste the Riot.


“[I had] great mentors: Everyone I worked with placed great trust in me and allowed me to try new things, make mistakes, and grow.” 

—LAX PM Intern




Interns work on meaty projects with real impact, from pushing code to our live servers, making impressively playful splash art, and building out micro-feedback tool, among others to gain some hands-on experience working in games. Here’s just a sample of what interns have accomplished, often in under 14 weeks:


"Some of my suggestions and feedback have made it into the PBE!"

—EU Community intern


As a Software Engineering intern, I worked on the tech behind delivering the new Client Landing Page (current layout). Our goal was to allow regional teams to own their landing pages, while also simplifying changes. I had an awesome time working with my team to create the new tech and pushing it out to players.
The first project I worked on during my internship was Dino Gnar, and I remember being offered the project the first day of work. I had no desk, computer, or tablet set up yet, so I started working on it that day with paper and a pencil. People were super surprised hahaha.
We worked together to develop a tool that is used to survey and gather player sentiment information. Our Insights team use this info to inform product and design decisions. It was a great project to work on because we were given full autonomy, from design to delivery, to build a product that is used on a daily basis.
Quill Coat was a project that was meant to bring tanky junglers back into competitive viability by giving them a strategic pivot over other junglers. This pivot was that the item also upgraded into an updated Spirit of the Ancient Golem which ultimately made tanks scale harder in the late game.
I main support in LOL and love Sona. I requested the project and was fortunate to be assigned as her new rigger and skinner for all 4 of her old skins and her base mesh. I was actually able to see her go on PBE, listen to the feedback of the community, make changes based on their feedback, and see her go live.



We've hosted interns since our early days; in fact, a few of our most veteran Rioters started out as interns. In 2012, we officially launched an intern program (to boot, led by a former intern). We're feedback-focused, so as an intern, you'll have input in how we run the program. In return, you can expect consistent one-on-one feedback from full-time Rioters and at the end of the summer you'll also leave with a full performance review detailing your areas of strength and areas to improve over your next year in school.


"Feedback's extremely important at Riot. Giving and receiving feedback helps you improve your craft, so you can kick some butt!"

LAX Engineering Intern


Check out some shots of our interns this year at Riot:


Riot's an Equal Opportunity Employer

It's Riot Games, Inc., policy to provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and members of the Riot team. Riot doesn't unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, handicap, veteran status, marital status, or any other category protected by applicable federal and state law. Riot also makes reasonable accommodations for handicapped and disabled Rioters.