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Berlin, Germany

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Berlin has so many things it’s known for: the music, the food, the architecture, the history, and passion for gaming. With so many unique offerings, we couldn’t just have a single office here!

One office fully focuses on esports, ensuring top-notch League of Legends experiences for players, fans, and teams across all of Europe. With unparalleled enthusiasm, excitement, and competitiveness, we strive to keep making the EU LCS the best esports experience in Europe. If making our broadcast experience better is your thing, the esports office is the place for you.

The second office focuses primarily on publishing. They create and maintain meaningful relationships with players in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Be it articles, videos, or unique publishing efforts, we aim to keep our players informed and excited about League of Legends. If this is more up your alley, the publishing office can be your new workplace.

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  • Puestos disponibles: 10