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Riot Games Around The World

Riot Games’ HQ is located in sunny Los Angeles, but we have many more offices around the globe. We’re looking for passionate gamers who are also leaders in their field to help us deliver value to players—no matter where they play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't live in any of the cities with a Riot office. Is there an opportunity to work remotely?

    We take a hybrid approach by entrusting teams to decide the right rhythm for in-person vs remote work. With that being said, we’ll still expect most Rioters to live in the same state as their home office (or the same country in the case of our global offices). 

  • I want to work at one of Riot's global offices but I’m not a citizen of that country. Is that possible?

    Working globally depends on the immigration restrictions of the relevant country/region. If you apply to a role in a global office, those recruiting teams will respond if they see a match.

  • Can I apply for multiple jobs?

    We want applicants to think deeply about their skills and interest—and how they line up with the jobs available at Riot. It's not a good sign if you find yourself applying to as many open positions as possible.