At Riot, we’re proud to hire people who share our passion for games and believe in our mission, and ultimately who we feel will thrive here. We carefully vet every new hire through a rigorous interview process and we hope each hire does the same with us, but sometimes the stars don’t align. Down to our gaming core, we’re fully familiar with the concept of “you win some and you lose some.” In the instance a new hire feels Riot isn’t their match, we provide an opportunity for them to comfortably “leave the game.” 

This is where Riot’s Queue Dodge program comes in—it’s designed to give any new hire an option to move on in an open, positive, and respectful way. We want anyone who isn’t feeling good about their new role or aligned with the work or culture at Riot an opportunity to wish us a mutual GGWP. 

If a new Rioter gives us their best shot, but ultimately elects Queue Dodges at any time during their first 12 months at Riot, we show our appreciation for their impact by supporting them with their transition by offering the following:

  • 10% of their annual base pay with a minimum of $15,000*

There's a bit more in the fine print, but that's the essence of Queue Dodge. The program aims for a win-win all around—it guarantees we stay true to our mission, while ensuring new Rioters can make the best decision regarding their fit at Riot.

*We’re referring to USD here. International Rioters may be offered different (yet similar) package based on local regulations/requirements.