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SF Bay Area, USA

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Our Redwood City office is a home for the vast array of talent in the Bay Area who aim to expand Riot's gaming culture through new projects.

Our Bay Area office was born in 2016 when Riot purchased Radiant Entertainment, led by Tom and Tony Cannon. The Cannon brothers are leaders in the fighting game community and the creators of EVO, one of the world's largest annual fighting game tournaments. They are currently building 2XKO, Riot’s 2v2 team-based fighting game.

With the origins of the office rooted in the FGC, many Rioters in the Bay area work on developing 2XKO. As a hub for Bay Area talent, our office also hosts Rioters working on League of Legends, VALORANT, and Teamfight Tactics. In addition, there’s work being done on unannounced R&D projects and tech development, among other areas across the company. 

The office features custom-made Riot Viewlix machines that are popular stops for Rioters when they want to gain some inspiration for 2XKO, hold their own mini-EVOs in the office, or simply have some fun during their lunch breaks. Lunch is catered fresh every day in the on-site cafe, which features a fantastic view of downtown Redwood City on one side, and a large mural of Vi and Jinx on the other. The San Mateo County History Museum and the Broadway Pedestrian Mall are located just down the street, and you’ll often find Rioters nearby debating the best place to get boba.

Check out our active roles below if you want to join Riot’s team in Redwood City. 


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Puestos disponibles: 2